About Us

How we work

MyJustice adopts a principled approach to the design and delivery of the programme. Three key principles guide our work:

  • People-centred- to encourage learning, trust and collaboration between communities, civil society, legal professionals and justice institutions.
  • Community-driven and locally led- to empower communities to identify and deliver solutions to the challenges they face.
  • Powered by evidence- to build a deep understanding of Myanmar’s unique socio-cultural and political context, upon which locally owned solutions can be developed.

MyJustice emphasizes community-focused, bottom-up initiatives that are constantly evaluated to learn what works. While MyJustice draws on international comparative experience and expertise, the focus is on learning what justice means in Myanmar and creating strategies to support people’s access to justice based on what exists and what already works.

MyJustice’s early research and analysis points to the interaction of components in the formal and informal justice systems – components that are critical to widening access to justice, especially for the poor and vulnerable. Our programmatic activities support civil society organizations in building rights awareness and justice services across Myanmar, from legal representation to community based dispute resolution.

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