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Meet Justice Needs

MyJustice and its partners make justice services widely available and responsive to people's needs.

We work with lawyers, law students, paralegals and community intermediaries to strengthen the quality of advocacy and assistance to justice-seekers, and connect people in need with those who can help. Our partners provide legal representation, advice and assistance to vulnerable and marginalised people in criminal, family, employment and land matters in six regions and states.

We catalyse systemic change by supporting advocates to challenge unlawful practices in the justice system, and together with the government's newly established legal aid boards, we ensure lawyers are better equipped to protect fair trial rights.

My generation has a responsibility for changing things. If lawyers think they cannot, we will remain far from Justice.
—Lawyer trained in Communities of Practice Project, Mandalay

MyJustice supports 12 Justice Centres serving communities in 47 townships across Myanmar. Justice Centres provide free legal advice and representation for poor and marginalised people, holding justice sector stakeholders accountable to the law and empowering communities to defend their rights. As Justice Centres continue to evolve and mature to provide services more responsive to community needs, lessons learnt inform the design and delivery of the new state-funded legal aid system.

Because of legal aid, our clients have hope during the process for a fair outcome.
—Justice Centre lawyer, Yangon

Paralegals are normal people trained to understand one specific area of the law. Paralegals use this knowledge to work with others to use the law to help them resolve the immediate justice problems they face. Examples include supporting the LGBT community in Yangon and Mandalay, helping people fight for land rights in Tachileik and to get civil documentation in Keng Tung. In all, 1,598 people were assisted by paralegals.

LannPya is a mobile app which aims to improve public access to information on people’s rights under Myanmar law, step-by-step guides on what can be done for common legal problems, games and links to external resources. It connects people to lawyers, courts and police and has searchable directories of lawyers and civil society organisations.

When people are in trouble, they do not know how to start the process, where to go, how to resolve their issues. This app can help meet people's needs for justice.
—H.E. Daw Khin Myo Kyi,  Advocate General of Yangon Region

Through this work, more than 11,000 people have received free legal representation and 10,000 have received free legal advice. Over 900 legal aid and private lawyers were trained to provide rights-protective legal representation. More than 800 paralegals and intermediaries were trained to provide legal assistance and connect their communities to the help they need. Over 41,000 downloaded the LannPya App in its first year  and over 1,000 people used it to call lawyers and organisations providing justice services.