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Local Resource Centre (LRC)

Promoting Equitable and Just Society


  • Mon Women and Children Upgrade Conduct Team (MWCUC)
  • Environmental and Natural Resource Lovers
  • Mon Youth Educator Organization

Local Resource Centre (LRC) aims to achieve an equitable and just society in selected townships in Mon State through empowering Change Agents and CSOs with increased knowledge on legal rights to resolve disputes. LRC will build on its successful work with Change Agents to provide training on legal aid provision and referral options, creating a network of community-based paralegals (backed by lawyers). Through collective action, Change Agents will engage with local authorities and regional government officials and policymakers to promote legal rights and access to justice. Three Mon State community- based organizations will provide subject matter expertise and referral pathways on three common justice topics: violence against women and girls, environmental issues, and youth issues.

Project locations:

Mon State:

  • Mawlamyaing
  • Kyaikmayaw
  • Kyaikhto
  • Ye
  • Mudon
  • Chaung Sone
  • Paung