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MyJustice also works with some other partners, including:

1. Integrity 

Integrity is an UK-based research consultancy group with an extensive experience in developing Monitoring and Evaluation systems for access to justice programmes. MyJustice partnered with Integrity as a learning partner, with a view to strengthen the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) component of the programme. Since late 2016, Integrity has provided MEL support to MyJustice including revision of MEL strategy, and conducting an evaluation of MyJustice activities. Integrity will continue to provide support as MyJustice's MEL partner until the end of programme.

2. Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) 

Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) is an international research agency with an extensive experience in conducting surveys in Myanmar. MyJustice partnered with TNS to conduct a Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) survey in all 14 States/Regions which interviewed 3,500 respondents and a baseline survey for MyJustice in 7 States/Region which interviewed 3,000 respondents and conducted 20 Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and 160 Key Informant Interviews (KII). Since early 2017, TNS has been working with MyJustice in the process of developing data collection tools, mobilising and training the field team, conducting field data collection, analysing data and drafting a report of findings.

3. The Danish Institute for Human Rights

The Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) is an independent State-funded institution with a mandate to promote and protect human rights and equal treatment in Denmark and abroad. DHIR provides research and other relevant support on justice and human rights programming to MyJustice, as required. Some of the support has included an initial assessment of the two inherited justice centres, scoping of paralegal programming in Myanmar, reviewing the designing of the MyJustice KAP survey (including through a review of existing legal awareness programmes in Myanmar to feed into KAP designing), and assessing pilot W/VTA trainings offered by Mercy Corps on how to integrate human rights framework into future training design.

4. The Yangon Film Services

Yangon Film Services (YFS) is a social enterprise operating within Yangon Film School. It regularly produces a wide range of films for Myanmar and international clients, thereby enabling the School’s students and alumni to gain valuable experience, working in a professional context on projects that are mentored to world-class standards by experienced international industry practitioners. MyJustice partnered with YFS to take the existing English language drafts of the six scripts written for Series 2 of the 'Edutainment' drama series The Sun, The Moon & The Truth and – through a collaborative process involving the mentorship of young local Myanmar scriptwriters and workshops with issue experts drawn from local CSOs and INGOs – develop the scripts to be strongly grounded in Myanmar language and context, as well as conveying accurate and appropriate issue-based messages for the television audience. 

5. Point B 

Point B seeks to build the innovation capabilities individuals and organizations to apply mindsets, skills, and ‘design thinking’, which is the ability to deeply understand a problem and design an appropriate, working solution. Since 2012, Point B has been working in Myanmar to establish a Learning and Social Innovation Lab on the campus of Mawlamyine University in Mon State. Point B offers a space where diverse stakeholders from academia, government, business and civil society may come together to understand challenges from different perspectives; reframe challenges as opportunities and build momentum for action; think in systems and evaluate systems based on human benefits; test multiple prototypes to develop interventions; and find innovators and build their capacity to more effectively integrate solutions. MyJustice has partnered with Point B to provide capacity development support to our selected partners on legal awareness strategy design i.e. how to design and implement more effective legal awareness programmes and how to better measure results/impact of those programmes.

6. Aung Ko Latt Motion Pictures (AKLMP)

Aung Ko Latt Motion Pictures (AKLMP), established in 1995, is a leading mainstream media production house in Myanmar. They produce Television Commercials (TVCs), documentaries, television drama series, corporate video files, music videos and feature films. AKLMP is known for its high quality content and the use of best equipment and technology in the industry. AKLMP works with highly skilled and experienced creative professionals who are part of the team. The AKLMP group is made up of well-known creative directors, producers, editors, copywriters, musicians and composers, who are qualified to meet international standards. AKLMP is one of the consortium members in the production of Season 2 of The Sun, The Moon and The Truth, a television drama series addressing key justice issues. MyJustice is an executive producer of this series as the objective of the series is to create legal awareness and make justice issues a talking point.