What we do

MyJustice, an access to justice programme, aims to equip the people of Myanmar with the knowledge, confidence and opportunities to resolve conflicts fairly, equitably and justly.

We work closely with local communities to achieve a lasting impact on the way disputes are resolved and justice is delivered—especially for poor, vulnerable and marginalised people. We aim to achieve this through four interconnected result areas, which you can learn about below.

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What are our values?

  1. People-centred: MyJustice keeps people at the centre of the programme and encourages learning, trust and collaboration between communities as well as between communities and institutions such as civil society organisations, legal professionals and formal and informal justice institutions.
  2. Community-driven: MyJustice works with its partner organizations to empower communities so that they are equal partners in the process of identifying solutions to the challenges they face.
  3. Powered by evidence: MyJustice gathers evidence from the process of delivering the programme to understand what works and what doesn't in access to justice programming in Myanmar.

The programme aims to achieve four interconnected results areas:

  1. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Community members understand justice and their rights better.
  2. MEET JUSTICE NEEDS: Better, more effective and more accessible justice services are available.
  3. STRENGTHEN COMMUNITY JUSTICE: Community dispute resolution mechanisms are more inclusive and accountable.
  4. EVIDENCE TO ENGAGE: Sharing what works to engage and inform justice policy and implementation.

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