What we do

MyJustice, an access to justice programme, aims to equip the people of Myanmar with the knowledge,
confidence and opportunities to resolve conflicts fairly, equitably and justly.

We work closely with local communities to achieve a lasting impact on the way disputes are resolved and MyJustice
is delivered—especially for poor, vulnerable and marginalised people. We aim to achieve this through four
interconnected result areas, which you can learn about below.

How we achieve success

More people are reached through rights-based legal awareness activities
More and higher quality legal aid and ancillary services are available to women, poor and vulnerable people
Selected justice mechanisms are better able to provide fair and effective remedies in response to community needs
Justice policy development is responsive to and informed by community needs and evidence

Result Areas

result area 1
Know your rights

MyJustice works to raise people’s understanding of their rights and obligations, promoting dialogue and engagement on justice-related issues, through linkages with legal aid lawyers, community-based paralegals and social service providers, both in person and online.

result area 2
Meet Justice Needs

MyJustice and its partners make legal and paralegal services, including advice, court representation, material assistance and legal knowledge widely available and responsive to vulnerable people's needs.

result area 3
Strengthen Community Justice

MyJustice supports community-based actors across Myanmar to more effectively resolve disputes in a fair and equitable manner.

result area 4
Evidence to Engage

MyJustice generates data and analysis to inform justice policy development and implementation.

Featured Projects

Alongside our programme work, MyJustice has initiated and overseen projects to deliver the first nationwide survey of justice needs, to push the conversation around the justice and rights