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Status message


What we do

MyJustice, an access to justice programme,
aims to equip the people of Myanmar with the knowledge,
confidence and opportunities to resolve conflicts
fairly, equitably and justly.

We work closely with local communities to achieve a lasting impact on access to formal or informal justice systems and legal aid for poor, vulnerable or marginalised people. We develop the legal capacity of justice sector professionals, strengthen selected formal and informal justice service providers to better fulfil their mandates, while collecting and sharing data and knowledge about all these areas.

How we work

We are people-centred and encourage learning, trust and inter-community collaboration, as well as collaboration between communities and civil society organisations, legal professionals and other formal and informal justice institutions.

MyJustice works with its partner organisations to be community-driven, so that communities identify solutions to the challenges they face with us, as equal partners.

MyJustice gathers evidence from delivering its programme to understand what does and doesn't work in access to justice programming. This knowledge base on how justice is accessed and experienced is powered by evidence in the unique socio-cultural and political context of Myanmar.

Where we work

MyJustice's works in 66 townships the are spread across 3 states and 3 regions. We have also established 6 main Justice Centres and a further 5 satellite Justice Centres in 7 cities across the Myanmar. This work is implemented by over fifty partners, supported and funded by MyJustice .


Result Areas

result area 1
Know your rights

MyJustice works to increase capacity within communities to understand and apply rights.

result area 2
Meet Justice Needs

MyJustice and its partners make justice services widely available and responsive to people's needs.

result area 3
Strengthen Community Justice

We work with existing community-based actors, who people approach, and strengthen their ability to resolve disputes in a fair manner.

result area 4
Evidence to Engage

MyJustice generates and shares data and knowledge to inform justice policy development and implementation.