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  • MyJustice Responds to Local Needs in the Wake of COVID-19

    20 August 2020

    The second phase of MyJustice commenced from January 2020 for a period of 4.5 years. With a short inception period planned for 4 months, the programme was poised to commence activities full steam from May 2020. The team was designing a call for proposals for community legal awareness and paralegal support. And then all the well laid plans met the harsh reality!
    COVID-19 was fast spreading across the globe and Myanmar was no exception! From March 2020, several countries including Myanmar started...

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  • Rights Remain: Let's not leave anyone behind in responding to COVID-19

    13 April 2020

    The COVID 19 crisis will leave a huge impact on society. Many people will be made even more vulnerable due to the crisis and the response to it. MyJustice has produced short videos to throw light on some of these vulnerabilities and potential rights violations as well as provide links to services where available. In responding to COVID 19 no-one should be left behind.
    Video - 4
    Lockdown on Domestic Violence
    The hidden pandemic of domestic violence has become more acute globally during the COVID...

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  • When Rock Meet Justice

    01 March 2020

    By Aye Thiri Naing - Programme Assistant & Yin Mon Naing - Programme Officer, MyJustice
    When we think about music, thing that come to our mind is feelings, art, emotion, something which is familiar with everyone. And on the other hand, when we talk about justice; sensitive, fear, complex come into our mind. Two completely different thing, when they come together, magic occurs.
    Pyaw Kya Mal campaign introduces “We Rock for Justice Music concert” as an edutainment on 27th January 2019. I...

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  • A Mediation Journey Across Land Disputes

    14 February 2020

    This blog piece is written by Jose M. Arraiza from Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). MyJustice partnered with NRC to train community leaders on mediation and on housing, land and property rights.
    I am sitting in a wooden bench in a village somewhere in Bilin Township, in Mon State. It is sweaty hot and humid. Someone brings a couple of cups of coffee-mix and cookies. A buffalo is roaming nearby. A villager is telling my colleagues about a sour dispute with his neighbor, who has unfairly...

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