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Call for Proposals_Communications Service Provider

Call for Proposals_Communications Service Provider

MyJustice is seeking a communications service partner.

The Supplier will be expected to operate the communication platforms developed under MyJustice. This responsibility encompasses digital communications, content strategy, visual support, performance marketing, community engagement, project management, and vendor management. It is essential to maintain comprehensive records of Performance Marketing and Community Engagement data in both weekly and monthly reports throughout the duration of the project. Given the inherent risks in the Myanmar operating context, the Supplier will be expected to implement a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy guided by MyJustice.

Interested applicants should review the Call for Proposal 

Eligibility for this proposal is open to all local digital and communications service providing agencies that can demonstrate a proven track record of relevant experience. Advantage will be given to agencies with a successful history of managing projects specifically tailored for the Myanmar community and society. This qualification requirement aims to ensure that the selected agency possesses the expertise and understanding necessary to effectively address the unique needs and dynamics of the local context.


Credential Submission and Requesting Project Briefing

All the credential documents should be submitted to by the Credential Submission Deadline, as set out in the Timescales section of RFP. Due to the confidential nature of the project, suppliers interested in obtaining project briefing details can request them via email when submitting their credentials. MyJustice will schedule a time on the Project Briefing Date, as specified in the RFP timelines, to address and respond to all requests from suppliers. MyJustice may at any time request further information from potential suppliers to verify or clarify any aspects of their credential or other information they may have provided. Should you not provide supplementary information or clarifications to MyJustice by any deadline notified to you, your Proposal may be rejected in full and you may be disqualified from this Procurement Process.