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Communications and Engagement Manager – MyJustice II

We are looking to recruit a Communications and Engagement Manager for MyJustice II in Myanmar.

The media landscape in Myanmar is complex – on the one hand new media opportunities, including social media, have opened up and on the other control over media and public opinion continues to be exercised in various forms. Engaging on an issue like justice in this context involves strategic and pragmatic choices. MyJustice has built a very effective portfolio of engagement with media and public opinion makers to ensure that justice is a talking point. The ‘growing soft power of media, artists and influencers’ has been acknowledged at the highest levels of government, with an assertion that ‘creative industries have a huge role to play in promoting peace and resolving the pressing problems of today’. Multi-media campaigns such as Pyaw Kya Mal, that reached over 20 million people; digital resources such as The Sun, the Moon and the Truth (Season 2) a serialsed drama and the Lann Pya mobile application and associated FaceBook page and chatbot; innumerable film, animation and photo products, to document the change brought about by MyJustice, have taught the programme valuable lessons on how to push the boundaries on what is possible in the public domain and engage audiences on a complex issue such as justice. Efforts such as these will continue to be a strategic focus in MyJustice II.

Deadline for Applications is 10 January 2020 (23.59 UK time)

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