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Call for Proposals

Establishing a Transitional Justice Civil Society Platform

Call for Proposals:

There is growing interest within Myanmar to engage on the concept of transitional justice and to explore how it could potentially be used in addressing past injustices and conflict related issues. Examples from across the region and internationally, demonstrate that transitional justice mechanisms such as reparations programmes, truth and reconciliation commissions, guarantees of non-recurrence, and meaningful memorialisation of past events, can play a formative role in supporting transitions to peace and democracy.

Although the concept of transitional justice may not yet be a familiar one across Myanmar, a number of civil society led efforts have aimed to address patterns of past human rights violations as part of Myanmar’s democratic transition. These include the release of and support to political prisoners, memorialisation of past human rights violations, a working group to discuss reparations, the documentation of past and current violations, as well as broader efforts for justice and accountability.

This Call for Proposals seeks to build on these civil society led efforts and aims to support the transitional justice agenda in Myanmar to move forward. It will further contribute and link to Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan Goal 1 on Peace, National Reconciliation, Security and Good Governance, and specifically Strategy 1.3 to promote greater access to justice, individual rights and adherence to the rule of law, as well as Sustainable Development Goal 16.

Interested applicants should review the Call for Proposal and Application Guidance:

These guidance notes are designed to help applicants complete the proposal application templates provided for submitting their proposals. It is important to read these notes before and during the process of completing the application. Failure to provide information as requested or in the requested format may lead to disqualification of the application.

 All applications must be made using the templates provided. Applicants are provided with three templates to complete:

In addition, applicants are encouraged to read MyJustice guidance on gender equality and social inclusion at

Proposals must be submitted electronically to: by 2300hrs Yangon time on 02 October 2020.

If you have any questions regarding the submission of the proposal, please contact us at or until 17:00 on or before the following date: 18 September 2020. Questions will be answered electronically within 7 days (excluding public holidays) by 17:00 25 September 2020.