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Legal Awareness Strategy Design and Implementation: RFP online

MyJustice is a four year (2015-2019) access to justice programme funded by the European Union and implemented by the British Council. MyJustice aims to equip people in Myanmar with the knowledge, confidence and opportunities to access justice. Much of the work of MyJustice is being delivered by partners with deep understanding and experience of the complex political and social context of Myanmar, including a diverse range of civil society organisations (CSOs). MyJustice is committed to supporting capacity development for its local partners in a participatory manner. Given the importance of expanding legal understanding among communities to the MyJustice objective, MyJustice has decided to develop an innovative approach to building partner capacity to effectively design legal awareness strategies. This RFP details the scope of work under this activity. It is anticipated that MyJustice will contract an organization to implement this pilot approach targeting partners active in Mon State with the scope to expand implementation to benefit partners in Yangon Region, based on results in Mon State. It is in this context that MyJustice invites a proposal to design and pilot effective legal awareness strategies/campaigns that respond to the needs and context of communities. The RFP for legal awareness strategy design and implementation has been advertised and is now live on In-Tend. The BC reference is BC/00377 and the link is