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Rights Remain

The COVID 19 crisis will leave a huge impact on society. Many people will be made even more vulnerable due to the crisis and the response to it. MyJustice has produced short videos to throw light on some of these vulnerabilities and potential rights violations as well as provide links to services where available. In responding to COVID 19 no-one should be left behind.


Video - 2

Protect Women's Rights

The second video in this series has been produced in partnership with Akhaya Women MyanmarAs a result of the response to COVID 19 and restrictions to mobility, women facing domestic violence are experiencing an increase in violence. In this video Daw Htar Htar explains the importance of supporting women in this situation.


Video - 1

Free prisoners, to protect and prevent

The first video in this series has been produced in partnership with Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) an organisation working for the protection of the rights of prisoners.