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When Rock Meet Justice

By Aye Thiri Naing - Programme Assistant & Yin Mon Naing - Programme Officer, MyJustice

When we think about music, thing that come to our mind is feelings, art, emotion, something which is familiar with everyone. And on the other hand, when we talk about justice; sensitive, fear, complex come into our mind. Two completely different thing, when they come together, magic occurs.

Pyaw Kya Mal campaign introduces “We Rock for Justice Music concert” as an edutainment on 27th January 2019. I remember it was one Sunday evening, when starting from the Yangon Mayor and European Union ambassador, till the tiny baby, all the different type of people from Myanmar come together to celebrate Justice. On the other hand, it was my very first experience to take part in organizing a massive concert. And to be honest, also the first time attending the rock concert.


There have been tons of preparations for this event to make things flawless, starting from publishing the billboard and posters, taking care of free show ticket distributions till the management of the safety and security at the event.


It wasn’t just a music show, the stadium was decorated with immensely beautiful graffiti displays rights, strength, justice and equality which took my breath away. Besides different NGOs gather together to show their work in the carnival with variety of games and fun activities.

One remarkable moment was experiencing Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein’s performance. She was dressed in a dazzling golden scale shaped costume which represents justice evidently. After her performance she delivered a heart touching message in which she said:

“We spend millions and millions of moneys on weapons to kill one another, and we ended up left behind compared to other countries. Many didn’t get the right to education; the right we want, the height we wanted to reach, the dreams we have and what we couldn’t achieve, and it was all because of civil wars.”

It was the end of the show when I together with my other colleague dashed toward the stage to take group selfie with our rock stars, Zaw Win Htut and Zenn Kyi, and when I turn around, I find myself standing in front of millions of people screaming with joy, love and excitement. The night was magical, when rock meets justice.

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