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You need an identity card to exercise basic rights

The story of Ma Ah Sae and the work she does to promote identity card use around Keng Tung as a paralegal for MyJustice partner Braveheart.

There are currently 14 million undocumented people living in Myanmar and many people living in the Keng Tung area don't think civil documentation is important for their lives. Some people are resistant as they feel documentation is not important as they’re not migrating, or opening a bank account. Many people don't have household registration and birth certificates so it’s hard for them to get civil documentation. Some people are avoid government offices because of language barriers.

Daw Sar Myae's village is in a really remote area. I have to climb a mountain to get there. These remote places have more needs
–Ma Ah Sae, Braveheart paralegal

Braveheart helps people who aren’t documented obtain official identification through the programme “Supporting Communities in Accessing Civil Documentation”. The organisation works in 3 locations, Yangon (where they deal with internal migrants), around Keng Tung and between Mon and Kayin States. In Keng Tung, Ma Ah Sae’s work focuses on the common barriers for ethnic minority communities getting identification.

The crew above Keng Tung