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A Handbook for Legal Awareness Strategy and Design


MyJustice supported its CSO partners in strengthening their capacities to design and implement legal awareness and empowerment programmes. As part of this process, MyJustice and Point B partnered with 18 civil society organisations in Yangon and Mon State to co-create Legal Awareness Strategy Design Hand Book. This handbook is focused on community building – to strengthen rule of law and legal awareness in Myanmar. In many ways, this handbook is an artefact of the collective learning that took place as community partners began the journey of applying a human centred approach to designing effective and meaningful legal awareness activities, programs and services for the communities they serve. In this handbook, you will find very useful and impactful methods, tools, skills and mindsets to design your own legal awareness strategies and initiatives. You can be use it in many ways depending your own interest, needs and background, as activities within this handbook are highly adaptable, interactive and flexible.