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The Learning Briefs


In a constantly evolving operational context, learning and reflection are key to MyJustice’s approach in promoting access to justice. Based on lessons learned from the heart of the programme, MyJustice has shifted and adapted its approach whenever required. Innovation and an ability to be flexible has ensured that as a programme we truly respond to on-the-ground needs. Between July and December 2019, the team spent time reflecting on lessons learnt as well as their personal journeys in implementing a large access to justice programme in Myanmar for over four years since 2015. These reflections have resulted in several learning briefs and blogs. Covering topics such as the challenge of measuring behaviour change, building trust within, the experience of managing an adaptive programme, the leap from legal awareness to empowerment, the use of popular media to widen understandings of justice and rights and others, team members have shared both technical and practical challenges and solutions.

The learning briefs;