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Research and publications

  • Ethnic Armed Actors and Justice Provision in Myanmar

    This October 2016 policy brief from The Asia Foundation sheds new light on justice provision by ethnic armed actors. Research into some of Myanmar’s most prominent Ethnic Armed Organisations and...

  • Namati Community-Based Paralegals: A Practitioner’s Guide

    This guide is an excellent hands-on resource for starting or improving a paralegal program. It includes case studies from Cambodia, the Philippines, and around the world and is available in...

  • Strengthening Policy Institutes in Myanmar

    This short February 2016 guide from The Asia Foundation considers how policy institutes can effectively support the policy making process in Myanmar. It suggests that as policy institutes grow and...

  • Strengthening Government Policymaking in Myanmar

    This February 2016 guide from The Asia Foundation explains what public policy is, what components go into good public policy, and how the Myanmar government can strengthen policy formulation.