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  • To show respect to a client and in turn gain respect and trust’: Towards establishing a Community of Practice of Defenders in Myanmar

    20 September 2017

    MyJustice is engaged a range of initiatives to support better access to justice for the people of Myanmar. The programme is supporting International Bridges to Justice (IBJ) to scale up Justice Centres in four locations in Myanmar. IBJ conducted a national training in Mandalay with 140 lawyers from the 26th till the 28th of July 2017, on criminal defence and legal aid, in order to build lawyers’ practical and conceptual legal skills and to galvanize and motivate lawyers to strengthen their...

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  • Expanding access to justice for the people of Myanmar: Two new Justice Centres Launched in Shan State and Mandalay Region with support of the EU

    26 July 2017

    On July 24th and 25th, the MyJustice Programme, funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the British Council, in partnership with International Bridges to Justice (IBJ), launched new Justice Centres in Taunggyi and Mandalay to strengthen access to justice in Myanmar.
    ‘Knowing your rights and how to defend them is essential for democratic progress, especially for a society in transition like Myanmar. The justice centres in Taunggyi and Mandalay will further expand the network of EU-...

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  • Deputy Township Staff Officers are on the path to change

    29 June 2017

    “I’m very interested in the difference between ‘Rule of Law’ and ‘Rule by Law’,” said U Zaw Moe, deputy staff officer from Waw Lay Town in Myawaddy district in Myanmar.
    U Zaw Moe was part of a two-day training session last month for 234 Deputy Township Staff Officers (including 51 women officers) on rule of law as well as on access to justice through dispute resolution at the Institute of Development Administration (IDA) in Yangon. The training is part of a larger series on Rule of Law and...

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  • MyJustice Hosts Policy Forum with Myanmar Research Institutes

    22 June 2017

    For decades, policy-making in Myanmar was marked by top-down, closed-door processes. Central bodies tasked Ministries and sub-national officials with implementing policies, rather than providing input or testing new concepts. Today, new entry-points for policy engagement and new policy advocacy actors are shifting the possibilities for more inclusive, evidence-based policy development. On June 6, 2017, MyJustice hosted representatives from fifteen research institutes and civil society...

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