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  • Senior Adviser – Strategic Communications and Engagement

    28 September 2020

    The Senior Adviser – Strategic Communications and Engagement will provide expert technical and strategic leadership, advice, and management of MyJustice programming on campaigns, communications for justice-related social change, and legal awareness raising. The role will further provide leadership, management, and guidance on programme focused communications and visibility, and support Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning and evidence-based policy engagement. A key focus is ensuring that all...

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  • Mapping the dimensions of personal debt as a justice issue in Myanmar

    09 September 2020

    Despite the opening of the economy and several reform efforts, Myanmar’s per capita GDP remains the lowest in South East Asia.  According to the World Bank, one third of Myanmar’s population is poor and another 14% are “near poor”.  The most common approach for dealing with shocks such as illness or crop failures etc is to borrow money. “A fifth of households in Myanmar are estimated to be over-indebted, defined as having a debt-to-asset ratio equal to or larger than 0.5.”  The MyJustice...

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  • Establishing a Transitional Justice Civil Society Platform

    04 September 2020

    Call for Proposals: There is growing interest within Myanmar to engage on the concept of transitional justice and to explore how it could potentially be used in addressing past injustices and conflict related issues. Examples from across the region and internationally, demonstrate that transitional justice mechanisms such as reparations programmes, truth and reconciliation commissions, guarantees of non-recurrence, and meaningful memorialisation of past events, can play a formative role in...

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  • Let’s Talk: Delivering an integrated campaign on justice through multiple media in Myanmar

    02 September 2020

    MyJustice is excited to announce a new partnership opportunity! We are looking for a supplier (eg: an advertising agency, 360 services agency, communications specialist organisation) that can work closely with the programme to rebuild a successful justice campaign on social and mass media platforms. We believe in the power of mass and social media as a catalyst for change and to shape public opinion, envision alternative behaviours and norms, that can lead to better justice outcomes for the...

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