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  • Call for proposals for a desk review and preliminary assessment of the role of Buddhism in Justice in Myanmar

    01 August 2019

    MyJustice is an access to justice programme implemented by the British Council and funded by the European Union. A study of MyJustice in 2016 showed that many people in Myanmar do not report or try to resolve the disputes or injustices they face because they believe that those issues are the consequences of their past life debts and karma. To pay off those past debts and ensure good karma for their next lives, they believe that they need to let things go and endure the pains. This is a belief...

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  • Call for Proposals – Justice Centre Grants, MyJustice II

    09 July 2019

    The British Council has been implementing the European Union (EU) funded MyJustice Programme (DCI-ASIE/2015/359-042) in Myanmar since August 2015. MyJustice is a ground-breaking and very successful access to justice and legal empowerment programme delivering interventions across four results areas namely, legal and rights awareness, improving justice service provision, strengthening community-based dispute resolution and sharing evidence to inform better justice policy. MyJustice delivers...

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  • Call for proposals for a preliminary assessment of legal education in Myanmar

    02 July 2019

      MyJustice is an access to justice programme implemented by the British Council and funded by the European Union. MyJustice strongly believes that in order to ensure the next generations of legal professionals in Myanmar are able to compete effectively in the global marketplace and play an active role in strengthening the rule of law in the future, university law department must be supported effectively. This is in line with government’s priorities. Higher education institutions (HEIs),...

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  • Organisational Development Coaching for Justice Centres

    12 June 2019

    MyJustice supports Justice Centres in Yangon, Mon, Shan, Bago, Mandalay, Kayin, and Naypyitaw, which provide legal advice and representation in criminal matters for the poor and vulnerable, help raise public understanding of their legal rights and obligations. Justice Centres have evolved substantially since their inception in 2013, growing from two offices in Yangon and Mawlamyaing to twelve offices across the country, from providing services to a few hundred clients in the first years to...

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