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  • Monitoring a multi-media campaign on justice issues

    09 October 2018

    MyJustice is a four year (2015-2019) access to justice programme funded by the European Union and implemented by the British Council. MyJustice aims to equip people in Myanmar with the knowledge, confidence and opportunities to access justice. The programme engages media in innovative ways to increase legal awareness among the people of Myanmar and also make justice a talking point. As part of this effort the programme has co-produced a TV drama series, The Sun, the Moon and the Truth Season 2...

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  • Facilitating structured CSO Partners Dialogues on Gender

    08 October 2018

    Data from the MyJustice Myanmar Justice Survey  confirms that justice is seen as an ideal rather than a reality or a right. People’s decision-making around the choice of redress mechanism is based on the kind of disputes they experience, the disputes they consider worthy of redress as well as a prior judgement of whether a decision will go in their favour or not. It also seems to depend on gender, economic class and social identity parameters. Other research also confirms that social norms and...

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  • Developing communities of practice for lawyers in Mandalay Region and Shan State

    30 July 2018

    MyJustice aims to catalyse change in the way laws are used, to make them more rights-protective in practice, and has supported the development of communities of practice for criminal defense lawyers in Yangon Region and Mon State to facilitate discussion and debate of innovative litigation strategies to overcome common challenges faced in criminal practice. In light of positive outcomes of the communities of practice in Yangon and Mon, and requests from lawyers in other MyJustice-targeted...

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  • Grant officer

    19 June 2018

    MyJustice is looking for a Grant Officer based in Yangon to deliver and coordinate local activity under the EU-funded MyJustice Programme in Myanmar. Grant officer will also be responsible for monitoring, reconciliation and reporting against the contract budget of grant recipient organisations. Other activities will include field office setup and management. Apply here.

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