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Strengthen Community Justice

We work with existing community-based actors, who people approach, and strengthen their ability to resolve disputes in a fair manner.

MyJustice and its partners recognise the findings that most people do not approach courts to seek justice and resolve their problems and disputes. Ward/Village Tract Administrators (W/VTAs), are consistently shown to play a central role as mediators at the frontline, resolving disputes at the community level.

This kind of training is really helpful for administrators. We had very little knowledge of mediation in the past but now, we are getting in-depth knowledge, tools and techniques for dispute resolution.
—Village Administrator of Let Thit Village, Pathein Gyi Township

We trained 3,333 community leaders including W/VTAs, 10/100 household heads, elders and other leaders to resolve disputes in a fair manner to ensure their delivery of justice is fair and inclusive. The programme and its partners contributed significantly to build a knowledge base about community-based dispute resolution in Myanmar.

Whatever the cases are, even for domestic issues, the villagers approach me and ask for advice. We talk about gender violence.
—Nai Tin Htun, Village Tract Administrator, Yathe Taung Village

After the training, I tried to talk and understand the situation of frequently drunk people in the community. Most of them are facing family or economic problems.
—Ward Administrator, West Thiri Hayman, Chan Aye Tharzan


Result area 2 | Meet justice needs

MyJustice ensures that justice services are available, are of a high standard and meet the needs of communities.

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Result area 4 | Evidence to engage

MyJustice shares evidence and knowledge to inform justice policy development and implementation.

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