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  • In pursuit of impact

    28 January 2020

    By Maung Maung Nyein ChanMonitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager, MyJustice
    I consider myself a seasoned monitoring and evaluation (M&E) specialist. However, when I joined MyJustice in 2016, my confidence was tested. I wondered: would I be up for the challenge of measuring impact for an access to justice programme?
    My M&E challenge
    MyJustice was built on a Theory of Change which was rather ambitious to achieve during the first five years of the programme. It aims to empower...

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  • You need an identity card to exercise basic rights

    06 January 2020

    The story of Ma Ah Sae and the work she does to promote identity card use around Keng Tung as a paralegal for MyJustice partner Braveheart.
    There are currently 14 million undocumented people living in Myanmar and many people living in the Keng Tung area don't think civil documentation is important for their lives. Some people are resistant as they feel documentation is not important as they’re not migrating, or opening a bank account. Many people don't have household registration and birth...

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  • No matter what

    24 December 2019

    This film tells the story of paralegal Daw Dae Na, and some of the work done by MyJustice partner Than Lwin Thitsar, filmed in September 2019.
    Than Lwin This Sar (TLTS) works in legal empowerment and land rights, helping people in the Tachileik area. They work with the State Land Registration Department (SLRD) and General Administration Department (GAD) to support local people’s land rights and mediate with the Tatmadaw (military). They also use different techniques for legal awareness,...

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  • Everyday Justice exhibition

    23 December 2019

    In November 2019, MyJustice organised the Everyday Justice exhibition of artwork, films and stories on what justice means and the role everyone has in shaping it. The exhibition took place in the Old Tourist Burma building situated opposite the high courts in the heart of Yangon’s legal district.
    MyJustice research shows that people view their relationship with the state as being passive, where they are subject to the authority of the state, rather than having a more empowered role where they...

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